The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test

by I Had Plans

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This is straight from the Portuguese sun, breaking into a winter scenery.
This record is built on the familiar awareness of subversive spirit and positive activism trough art or social intervention criticizing the contemporany ways with a very personal approach. It's a package containing more than eruptive guitars that are played against each other in a change of emotions (melody and beat). It's also a documented narrative, a portrait translated in songs with impeling and intricate sound design.

It´s a hug, a kiss, an open conversation. I do not remember the last time Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore had such a warm sound although it´s critical mind.


released January 7, 2011

unterm durchschnitt / Zebralution Digital Media Distribution - 2011.


all rights reserved



I Had Plans Lisbon, Portugal

unterm durchschnitt was a record label in Cologne, Germany. 1999 - 2012.
"Küsse sterben auf Lippen"
(engl. Kisses are dying on lips)

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Track Name: Portraits
Greeting on a new day, again with new friends.
one after the other, smiles built upon solid foundations.
last minute hope. it couldnt be any other way and it couldnt be any other.
ill take all the help i can get, to get through every other morning.
handle with the same gut as we did that day.
warm words, secret codes, encryptions for the soul.
and maybe some dangerous reviving, purpose and reason to keep going on.
forget about what we learned and just move backwards in time.
Track Name: Guidelines
thank you for holding on, on to lame stories with blood spilling
and for not sharing so i could feel better.
like you always do. like i always do.
baring all the endeavours, carrying the weight
holding shit together, taking the fall and keeping my walls standing
nevermind the sacrifices, truthful no matter what the chances
cause it never ends with the last time i gaze into old habits and ghosts
who take me back on to being part of the plot to overtrow fiction
so thank you for the guidelines.
Track Name: Bartholomew
the situation going inside my head,taking out, wearing out
taking all thats good and something else.
an agravation to the wrongs that were small but now eat everything thats good and worth something.
its not the first time warnings took place and you've choosen to ignore them.
it beats me the real sense of consequence after all,actions driven by choices,
most times i just look at the landscape, altrough i must confess
another thought crosses my mind so often, persistant signs that im not drifting.
but fading away beetween dimensions.
Track Name: False Positive
i wish i could say more, more often than i really do.
i wish i could go further than i ever been to.
to help and carry you if you need, with my hands.
but my will gets drained away in this sad city.
that my feelings and understanding would be
more tangible, actions meaningful
porpuse reachable to my hands
but my will gets drained away in this sad city.
Track Name: Animal Man
sold out of excuses finaly aiming to do the right thing
its all staged and recorded on camera, tape is the best sponsor you can have.
pass the denial, and doing it right, so how come i feel like im faking,
its so hard to keep this seeds from growing into something less deadly, honest.
its never been so clean in clouded days,
im not any closer from making sense out of this crossroads,
id rather depart into some journey of self discovery,
you could keep my impression and hold it back
i'd do the same and call it a scar from another life
to wear proudly as a reminder of whats been forgotten
put it behind my back instead of the warm place in my chest
some lessons have been learned im not shouting wolf again
Track Name: This Thing
of all the things that you have, the things you wish you would have
how many of those things made you who you are now
taking it all, giving all that could've been given
facing it all, one way cant stop believing.
out of the things that you own, that've cut jugulars and broken bones
acomplishments that turned you inside out
after the math is done, have you become the man you wanted to become
slowly turning into this thing.
Track Name: Molekind
we've been chasing some kind of natural born sugestion,
branded behond interpretation and we've also been learning
how to slow it down at the expense of cheap entertainment and commodity
im a sucker for good novelism and emotional violence
we become hopeless in every choice we turn into an obsession
constantly re-considering, re-evaluating, re-assuring ourselfs;
so far so good.
Track Name: The Curse Of Parallel Surfaces
sore eyes, been a few nights since i turned off my light
and gave into sleep peacefuly.
all times feel wasted when im not spilling my guts
in some new place, in some new way.
ends would come soon, if we'd stop wishing for them,
working for them. natural born suckers,
here to make it right.
little by little, we will forget, the few choices we could regret,
the times take over what ticks inside, erase the things that we left behind.

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